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Wet grass

Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

Quick and too the point tips and tricks for your lawn care, More In depth information available in our blog.


So your lawn is too dry or saturated. What can be done?

DIY Repair​​

Too Dry:

  • Increase Watering Frequency: If your lawn is too dry, increase the frequency of watering sessions, especially during hot and dry periods.

  • Water Deeply: Ensure that when you water, you do so deeply to encourage the roots to grow deeper into the soil where moisture is retained longer.

  • Adjust Sprinklers: Check your sprinkler system to ensure it is watering the lawn evenly and adjust as needed to cover dry spots.

Too Wet:

  • Improve Drainage: If your lawn is consistently wet, consider improving the drainage by aerating the soil or adding organic matter to improve soil structure.

  • Reduce Watering: If the excess moisture is due to overwatering, reduce the frequency and duration of watering sessions.

  • Raise Mower Height: Keep your mower blade at a higher setting to prevent further stress on the grass in waterlogged areas.

Lawn Patrol Solutions

  • Moisture Management, decreases watering needs by up to 50% for 100 days

  • Growth and Green Enhancer, increases drought resistance and lawns utilization of nutrients and moisture

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